Why riding bikes is great

Cycling for fun! 

There’s never been a better time to start riding a bike. With fuel costs at a record high, it’s no surprise that bike ownership is on the up, and more and more people are focusing on finding fun ways to get a bit fitter. Commuting by bike is cost-effective, saves time, and with more and more bike stands and bike-friendly employers it’s easier than ever. Riding a bike has a positive impact on health and happiness – and don’t forget about the positive contribution to the environment. It’s fun, cheap, green and it makes you happy – it’s life on two wheels!

With expert advice at every turn, it’s easy to over-complicate getting into bike riding. The Sky Ride campaign from British Cycling and Sky is here to make it easy and keep it simple.

A roadworthy bike and a sense of direction is all most of us need to go on a bike ride. However, a few basic checks are worthwhile before you get going. We've got advice on getting your old bike back into shape or, if you're in the market for a new one, advice on choosing the right bike for you. We've also got advice on what kit you need (and what you don’t). You’ll also find information on where to ride and where to get quality cycle training if your skills are as rusty as your chain!

After your first few rides, you might want to take part in a Sky Ride event or a Sky Ride Local led ride. These events are organised by British Cycling and Sky throughout the summer months and give a great chance to enjoy riding with other local cyclists. They’re held in safe environments, co-ordinated by experienced Ride Leaders. And if you’re looking for informal women-only bike rides, why not check out the Breeze network of bike rides from British Cycling.

If you're looking to try out different types of bike riding then check out the specialist ‘get into’ sections. Here you’ll find a whole range of tips and information on where to go to get your bike riding fix. Happy cycling!