The Wheelie Good Round-Up 30 April

Wheelie Good Round-Up

Hard hat

We’ve seen bikes made of wood but a bike helmet? Creating a bit of buzz Stateside are the “Tree Piece” wooden bike helmets made by Dan Coyle of Coyle Design and Build. His beautifully crafted wood helmets have met safety requirements and actually exceed the requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Wood can actually absorb energy in a way plastic can’t. Tests show that 10-20% of the impact is absorbed by the wooden shell, thus leaving less work for the inner liner. The inner liner in a Tree Piece wood helmet currently comes with EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam protection but Dan is developing a cork inner liner which is said to give better protection than EPS. Given it takes time to make one helmet, Dan’s helmets aren’t cheap to buy. Prices range from $265 to $365.

Wooden helmet

Lamborghini luxury

Lamborghini has become the latest sports car maker to launch a bicycle with the launch of the Impec Automobili Lamborghini bike this past week. The bike’s handlebar, brake hoods and saddle are trimmed in Lamborghini suede. The bike also features Lamborghini’s famous House of the Raging Bull logo on the front of the frame, 60mm Mavic Cosmic aero rims and Shimano’s DuraAce Di2 electronic groupset. The Impec Automobili is made by Swiss bike maker BMC and given the Lamborghini badge it retails for €20,000. Only 30 Impec Automobili’s have been made. If you want the bike, we suggest you go into one of Lamborghini’s 120 dealers worldwide to hand over the cash.

The cycle cap

The cycling cap has a long tradition in cycling sport. Its style is timeless yet the cap has disappeared in professional races with the requirement that helmets are worn in all races. More often than not we still see the cycling cap on the podium, while it is also a favoured item of us who love cycling and get out on the roads every week. There are many different styles of cycling cap and ways to wear it, yet it is not a look most people can pull off. Luckily, Wade Wallace of Australian blog Cycling Tips, has put together a guide on just how to wear a cycling cap and look good on his blog.

Lego bike love

We love this rather cute video that publicises Madrid’s upcoming Tweed Ride. Who wouldn’t like Playmobil animation, bikes and a tender love story.

Safe riding?

Out last entry this week is a tongue and cheek advice article about bike safety that has been doing the social media rounds in the last week. Satirical US magazine The Onion is known for putting together humourous tips on various subjects with a US bias of course. Even so, the tips mentioned in this article made us laugh here in the GGB office.

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