Riding with friends and family

Girls at Dowson Trail 

Inspired by the Sky Ride campaign?

Perhaps you and family and friends are popping out for regular weekend rides?

Or you’re thinking of getting some people together to see who’s free for a bike ride?

Riding bikes is fun, and it’s even better with friends. And British Cycling is here to help, support and encourage you.

Here are our top tips for riding with friends and family:

  • Keep it informal – it’s all about fun, casual bike riding
  • Keep it social – the Sky Ride Facebook site makes it easy to meet like-minded bike riders and social cycling groups set up by some of our Ride Leaders
  • Keep it easy – choose your places to ride carefully, perhaps starting with one of the Sky Ride Local Ride Easy routes or your local traffic-free cycleways 
  • Keep it local – it’s great to ride close to home. If you’re stuck for ideas we can help
  • Remember to be a member – British Cycling Ride membership is key to keeping everyone safe and supported. And you’ll get lots more information on great places to ride too 
  • All British Cycling Ride members get great member benefits and discounts and up to £10m third party liability insurance – peace of mind every time you ride
  • Check out courses – a bit of bike maintenance know-how gives you confidence, and if you want to improve your riding skills bikeability is for you
  • Goskyride.com is your one-stop shop for all things recreational cycling so keep checking back for more information and ideas.