Get into... summer bike rides

group picnic

With summer just around the corner, there really is no better time to get out on a bike ride. When the sun shines, the whole world opens up and everywhere can become a potential route.

Get ready

Get ready for the summer months by preparing your bike now. This way, all you’ll need to do when the times comes for that first bike ride is dust off your helmet and away you go.  

Take a ride

If you’re looking for a good opportunity to get you started, why not pick a Sky Ride City event as your first ride. A Sky Ride City event has something for everyone, from children to experienced riders. It’s the perfect opportunity to take in the sights of where you live like never before and witness your town or city transform into a traffic-free haven. If you’re looking for something a little more regular, why not try our Sky Ride Local rides. They’re fun and free community bike rides that offer a great way of getting out and exploring your local area and meeting like-minded people.

Know your route

You don’t need to know your route in great detail, just be confident that you know the key landmarks so you don’t take a wrong turn. For longer journeys, a detachable map holder is a great way to keep you on track. A summer bike ride wouldn’t be complete without that all important lunch stop. Pack a picnic blanket, a few of your favourite supplies and then you can pitch up on route and enjoy!

Summer essentials

Sun cream, sunglasses and bug spray. These are three essential items that can come in very useful when venturing out on a summer’s day bike ride. It’s easy to forget the practical things when you’re having fun on a bike ride, but the sun can be strong so remember to slap on the sun cream and don’t forget behind the ears. Sun glasses are great to shield the glare from the sun but are also a handy bug shield for those country lanes. Having a water bottle holder on your bike means hassle free hydration – no more fumbling around in your backpack.  


Into the full swing of bike rides and want to find out about other routes to explore during the summer months?  Why not check out British Cycling Mapping, where you can see what other great routes have been tried and tested in your local area. You can also share your favourite routes on here too.