Feed the soul: top tips on nutrition for cyclists

Cyclists love coffee and cake

‘You and your bike are powered by your breakfast, lunch and dinner!’ That’s what Ernie Buck, a cycling tutor at British Cycling is telling us. He’s been cycling for over 30 years and now helps people get the most from their bike riding. Here are his tips for gearing up for a bike ride.

Me and my food

Carbohydrates are carbo-licious. Our bodies use carbs as fuel for the muscles. Rice, porridge and potatoes are perfect for releasing energy more slowly.

Fats and dairy, not so scary!  They give you lots of energy for your bike ride and they’re good for you. Try to avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats like chocolate and chips. If you’re feeling a little peckish, snack on unsalted nuts.

Protein for a pro-you. Keep your muscles in good shape and repair any muscle aches and pains by eating some sort of protein before and after a bike ride. Chicken, fish, pulses, milk and cheese are all things to go for. The humble baked bean is a great source of protein and tasty too!

Fresh food is fantastic. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is a great boost to your immune system – and your cycling nutrition. A banana is the perfect energy boost on a bike ride.

Drink lots. When you’re riding your bike, don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Drink water or a sports drink throughout your ride.

Instead of counting calories...

Interesting fact for the day: Olympic and Team Sky star Bradley Wiggins needs between 4,000 and 8,000 calories a day whilst taking part in the Tour de France.

On average you burn around 300 calories an hour on a bike ride so instead of counting calories, count your bike rides. Going on a bike ride is much more fun than dieting!

Now you’ve got the knowledge, why not try one of our Sky Ride City or Sky Ride Local rides and find out how much fun you can have on a bike.