Gemma calls on the ladies of Leeds

 Gemma Hornby from Leeds

As one of our first Breeze champions, enthusiastic bike rider Gemma Hornby has set up Breeze Network Leeds, along with two other women.

Gemma works for Leeds City Council’s drug commissioning team and wants to help us close the cycling gap – the difference in the numbers of women and men who enjoy cycling for fun.

She's only been cycling regularly for around a year, having taken to her bike after an injury prevented her from running. She admits she did feel nervous at first, and now appreciates some of the barriers preventing more women jumping on a bike:

“I really love being on my bike but I understand why some women are nervous. It took me a while to find a group that I was comfortable cycling with. There are all sorts of things that put women off. It might be that they don’t feel fit enough or they’re worried about negotiating busy traffic, or maybe they think they have to wear fancy cycling gear. Some people don’t know how to ride a bike at all – we want to change all that and show women that cycling can be fun. Any woman is welcome on any bike!”

If you live in Leeds or the surrounding areas and would like to join Gemma and the other Leeds Breeze Champions on a local bike ride, check out the group’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter