West Hull Villages

Saturday 19th April 2014 at 10.00am This is what time the ride will set off. It’s best to get to the starting point at least 15 minutes beforehand to avoid missing the start.

Starting Point & Postcode
Costello Stadium  HU4 6XQ
Overall Duration On a long ride, it’s sometimes good to have a little break in the middle, or maybe a catch up at the beginning or end to keep it sociable. This means that the overall ride duration may be longer than the actual cycling time.
3 hours 0 mins  (2 hours 0 mins cycling)
Bike Type You probably don’t want to drag your road bike across bumpy trails. Maybe you want to make the most of the suspension on your mountain bike. This helps you match your ride to your bike.
Hybrid (road tyres), Road 
Breeze Bike Rides
Guided Rides Great routes and support from trained leaders


Breeze Bike Rides in Hull

A 25 mile circular route from Costello Stadium Hull, cycling through West Hull villages. Suitable for hybrids, road bikes. Please bring a helmet with you, + spares (inner tubes etc)

Starting Point
Costello Stadium 
Starting Postcode

Meet the Champions

  • Annie Dalton
    Annie Dalton Cycling for me gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance, cycling to work is a great start to the day, the best thing is ' go where you want, when you want' and also saves on transport costs. Of course the health benefits of cycling are great, you don't have to pound the streets running or spending precious time in the gym. That's not me ! I have met new friends through cycling and enjoy meeting up with others for a cycle ride. The Breeze rides are a great opportunity for women to cycle together, have fun, bringing a great sense of achievement. Since becoming a Breeze champion I have now a Road Bike, which I would have never thought that I would ever own. This joins my 'fixie' and Electra Cruiser bicycles, a girl can never have enough bicycles. I am also the co-owner of East Coast Bicycles, Hull, with the regions first 'Belles' shop.

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