Breeze Ride - Freshers There and Back (Dubbs Cross)

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 at 8.30am This is what time the ride will set off. It’s best to get to the starting point at least 15 minutes beforehand to avoid missing the start.

Starting Point & Postcode
Lower Rexton Farm Broadwoodwidger Lifton  PL16 0JR
Overall Duration On a long ride, it’s sometimes good to have a little break in the middle, or maybe a catch up at the beginning or end to keep it sociable. This means that the overall ride duration may be longer than the actual cycling time.
1 hours 30 mins  (1 hours 0 mins cycling)
Breeze Bike Rides
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West Devon

Breeze Bike Rides in West Devon

This is one of a few intro rides for newbies.  It's an opportunity to get to know me, get a bit of confidence and avoid (most of) the hills which are so prevalent around here.  V low traffic volume, suitable for mountain bikes, hybrids or road bikes.  It is a there and back rather than a loop.  The ride is almost 7 miles with lots of gentle downhill.  There's a little hill in the middle but you can get off if you need to - I used to and there's no shame in it.  

Please get here for 08:30because we want to be on the way by 0845 because I need to be back for 10:15.

Starting Point
Lower Rexton Farm Broadwoodwidger Lifton 
Starting Postcode
PL16 0JR

Meet the Champions

  • Tammy Corney
    Tammy Corney I've been a runner all my life, and swum a bit, and generally been quite active, and then BOOM! Just like that, age 37, I got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis having been misdiagnosed as an asthmatic celiac all my life. So exercise (lung physiotherapy) is critical now, but it needs to be sustainable. Cue left my wonderful Boardman Carbon FI and cue right my fab PT. And of course my v encouraging husband. Progress is steady - I'm not a zoomer, and somedays I cough like mad and I promise to check which way the wind is blowing if you are behind me in a chaingang. Cycling has got me through a tough pair of years. And it makes you feel great! Hope to meet you soon. (The only down side for me is that if you have a cough / cold / any kind of respiratory infection you know about, I have to stay clear and try and avoid. Impossible sometimes I know, but just saying). Ever so slightly nuts about a) my garmin and b) my labradoodle and c) Chris Froome and The Wigg!

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