Friday 24th May 2013 at 11.30am This is what time the ride will set off. It’s best to get to the starting point at least 15 minutes beforehand to avoid missing the start.

Starting Point & Postcode
Starting from the southern part of Threlkeld where the old miners cottages are  CA12 4TT
Overall Duration On a long ride, it’s sometimes good to have a little break in the middle, or maybe a catch up at the beginning or end to keep it sociable. This means that the overall ride duration may be longer than the actual cycling time.
3 hours 0 mins  (2 hours 0 mins cycling)
Breeze Bike Rides
Guided Rides Great routes and support from trained leaders


Breeze Bike Rides in Allerdale

The ride will be a trip down St John's in the Vale, and alongside the shore of Thirlemere, returning via the same route.

We will do a bike and clothing check, some warm up exercises, get used to being on our bikes and how to use our gears and brakes, prior to setting off

Optional tea stop on the way back (this and the intro are included in the total time, so this may be shorter if group chooses not to stop)

Postcode is for quarry as starting on un-named road - participants will be emailed details

It’s a good idea to bring some water, snack to keep you going and money for if we stop at a cafe.

Wearing a helmet is advisable; if you don’t have one please do not to worry you can still take part.  If you enjoy the bike ride and would like to come again perhaps you could look to buy one then. 

We really welcome newcomers to our rides; we will always ride at the pace of the slowest rider so no one is left behind.

Starting Point
Starting from the southern part of Threlkeld where the old miners cottages are 
Starting Postcode
CA12 4TT

Meet the Champions

  • Miriam Porter
    Miriam Porter Hi I am lucky enough to live in Cockermouth in the Lake District, so have easy access to the most amazing scenery to ride in. I enjoy the challenge of having big hills to tackle, although we have access to plenty of flat bits too out towards the coast which is 7 miles away I'm into lots of different types of biking. I've ridden since I was big enough to get on a trike as a kid! I've toured a lot in hostels and camping - that was my first passion, and I did a big overseas trip. I got into triathlon for a while, but now just enjoy using the road bike for fun. I have done some sportives - the pic is me crawling up the 1 in 4 bit of Newlands pass in the Keswick sportive. I also have done a bit of mountain biking, around various areas of wales, the lakes. I tend to ride out in the countryside, and not at trail centes. Recently though I have enjoyed the road bike so much, the mtb bike is feeling a bit neglected! I am also qualified as a bike mechanic and put together both my touring bike and the road bike from made to measure frames and all the components from scratch. I have saved the cost of the course hundreds of times over with very rarely needing to use a bike shop!! It's helpful though that a pal of mine from when I worked in a bike shop now runs the local shop. I'm looking forward to introducing new people to cycling. I also hope to encourage those who have ridden before and want to try something more challenging, in a supportive environment to do so

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