Surrey Winter Warmer

Monday 17th December 2012 at 9.30am This is what time the ride will set off. It’s best to get to the starting point at least 15 minutes beforehand to avoid missing the start.

Starting Point & Postcode
Tescos Addlestone   KT15 2AS
Overall Duration On a long ride, it’s sometimes good to have a little break in the middle, or maybe a catch up at the beginning or end to keep it sociable. This means that the overall ride duration may be longer than the actual cycling time.
3 hours 30 mins  (2 hours 30 mins cycling)
Bike Type You probably don’t want to drag your road bike across bumpy trails. Maybe you want to make the most of the suspension on your mountain bike. This helps you match your ride to your bike.
Mountain Bike, Hybrid (off road tyres), Hybrid (road tyres), Road 
Age Restrictions Not all rides are suitable for everyone. This will tell you if the ride is suitable for you and/or your friends and family.
Adults only (16+)
Ride Social
Ride Social Rides organised by our social network for cyclists


Route Description

Ride Social in Runnymede

This is a well paced weekly ride through beautiful surrey and we will cycle throughout the winter unless it rains very heavily :( (This is a regular ride on a Monday or Tuesday depending on which day has the best weather). This ride is from Addlestone via Chertsey and Lyne to Virgina Waters to the Bishop Gate entrance (perhaps stop at the fox and hound pub for a cuppa if it’s cold) then in to Great Windsor Park and around Virgina Waters Lake and stop off at the Wheatsheaf pub for a cuppa and back to Addlestone via Lyne and Chertsey. (We also have an alternative route out bound via Staines upon request). We will meet outside of Tesco’s Addlestone where there is plenty of parking. Any problems on the day feel free to give me a call on 07914 688 416.

Starting Point
Tescos Addlestone  
Starting Postcode
KT15 2AS


This ride has been organised by a member of the public and British Cycling and Sky take no responsibility for the quality of the experience, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

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