Park to Boat

Friday 30th November 2012 at 6.30pm This is what time the ride will set off. It’s best to get to the starting point at least 15 minutes beforehand to avoid missing the start.

Starting Point & Postcode
Entrance to Pearson Park, Princes Avenue (by the little roundabout near the Wildlife Garden)opp Westbourne Ave. HU5 3QN.  HU5 3QN
Overall Duration On a long ride, it’s sometimes good to have a little break in the middle, or maybe a catch up at the beginning or end to keep it sociable. This means that the overall ride duration may be longer than the actual cycling time.
2 hours 20 mins  (1 hours 30 mins cycling)
Breeze Bike Rides
Guided Rides Great routes and support from trained leaders


Breeze Bike Rides in Hull

A winter ride starting at the usual place, (Wildlife entrance, opposite Westbourne avenue) Pearson Park and taking it steady up to Dunswell where we will stop at the Ship Inn for a cosy break before heading back. Estimated 11miles in all.

Come and join us. It doesn't matter if you've got a racer or a rusty workhorse, all types of bikes and riders are welcome on this ride. We look forward to seeing you!

Wearing a helmet is advisable, plus a few layers of clothing, double socks, and a waterproof (If we're unlucky) LIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL.

We really welcome newcomers to our rides; we will always ride at the pace of the slowest rider so no one is left behind.

Everyone's welcome – look forward to seeing you there!

Starting Point
Entrance to Pearson Park, Princes Avenue (by the little roundabout near the Wildlife Garden)opp Westbourne Ave. HU5 3QN. 
Starting Postcode

Meet the Champions

  • Annabel Pir
    Annabel Pir Hi ladies, welcome to Breeze! I love riding my bike and encouraging others to take up two wheels! We are a fun group that always welcome new comers and no one's ever left behind. I hope to see you on one of our Breeze rides soon!
  • Lucy Flower
    Lucy Flower My bike is my main mode of transport. I cycle to work (about six miles each way), go shopping, visit friends, run the dog, all on my trusty Pashley. But I've got out of the habit of cycling for pleasure and that's where Breeze comes in! It's great to explore new routes, meet like-minded women and get help to mend punctures. Social cycling is definitely the way forward.
  • Tracey Thomas
    Tracey Thomas Hi i,ve always been into cycling for as long as i can remember but over the last few yrs i,ve been doing much more due to not been able to afford 2 cars so cycling to and from work has been an everyday journey which i enjoy come rain or shine.My 2 kids are also getting to a point were they can venture further afield so as a family we can enjoy getting into the countryside and away from the xbox.

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