Top tips for keeping up to date with your Ride Social group

Social networking for cyclists

Thousands of people have already joined Ride Social – the free social network on just for cyclists. It allows you to post a profile about the kind of riding you enjoy, meet other cyclists, chat and organise rides.

Like all social networks, things change on a regular basis, so you'll want to keep in check in and see what's happening. How do you make sure you stay up to date with your network?

1. Watch out for your new weekly digest email. Just as with LinkedIn, this gives you a round-up of all the activity that's been happening in your network – who wants to buddy up with you, which groups you've been invited to join, and what rides you might fancy taking part in.

2. Bookmark the site – next time you've logged in to your dashboard, why not set up a bookmark or favorite on your web browser so you can pop by quickly, and check out what's going on.

3. Check in during lunchtimes. You'll find people will have updated things the evening before, or will also be checking the latest over their sandwiches. And unlike some social networking sites, ours won't be blocked by your employer!