Social Cycling Groups help Garry put the fun into bike riding

Gary Clutterbrook Social Cycling Groups

Riding a bike is great – but riding with friends is even better. That’s what inspired Garry Clutterbrook from Hull to set up his very own Social Cycling Group.

Keen to meet like-minded people, Garry has started using British Cycling’s Social Cycling Groups software to organise casual and informal bike rides for anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of a bike ride but isn’t quite ready to join a cycling club.

Two thirds of cyclists ride alone as they’ve no means of finding other cyclists to ride with, but thanks to Garry’s Social Cycling Group and Achieve Potentials, the charity he works for, there are now lots of opportunities for Hull cyclists of all abilities and ages to take part in fun and friendly rides.

‘The best part of the group is that there’s lots of banter,’ says Garry. ‘Keeping the atmosphere light-hearted means everyone has a laugh as well as a good ride.’

Discovering and sharing new routes has been one of his highlights. ‘I share my knowledge with riders so, with a bit of experience and confidence, they can organise rides of their own. The rides are great fun and I meet lots of new people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s great to feel part of something special.’

And at the end his rides, the camaraderie doesn’t stop there. The group hang up their helmets and head straight to the local pub to keep chatting over a cup of coffee or a refreshing pint.

If you like the sound of this and are interested in finding a cycling buddy, or joining a ride in your local area, using Social Cycling Groups is easy and free. Find out more.