Ride Social gone wild…

Blackburn Stunt Riders

When we heard about new Ride Social group ‘The Stunt Riders’ from Blackburn, we were intrigued to find out more about these seemingly extreme bike riders. We spoke to Kevin from the group about where it all started, and found out that they’re a little mellower than their name might suggest.

Last year regular cyclists Kevin and his wife completed the Coast to Coast Challenge (congratulations!) and it left them wanting to do more long distance rides. So to feed the urge they set up their own social ride group with a handful of local riders.

Word quickly spread around Blackburn and they soon started picking up new members on a lot of their rides. There are now 19 or so people who regularly join Kevin and his wife on their Wednesday and Sunday rides. The rides are great for new riders as there’s no pressure for any of them to ride at a set pace, it’s all about people getting out and being active with friends and family.

The group is even attracting the younger generation with Kevin’s six year old daughter Summer also joining a lot of the rides on her tag along bike. ‘It’s a great experience for her and other young children; we’re really keen to promote cycling as much as we can to families. She’s taken to cycling so much that we’re already planning a family cycling holiday for next year,’ says Kevin.

It’s not just about the cycling though – The Stunt Riders also enjoy a good social night out together. The next social outing is said to involve a nice country pub, a lot of chips and planning some new routes for the next few rides.

So ‘The Stunt Riders’ didn’t turn out to be daring tricksters, who perform back flips on two wheels and pop wheelies everywhere. They’re so much more. An inspiration to their local community, encouraging people to get out on a bike and discover a long-lost love for cycling.

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