Social Cycling Groups - what are they all about?

Social Cycling Groups

We’ve enjoyed riding with thousands of cyclists through our Sky Ride and Breeze programmes, during which we’ve had time for many a good chat.

One thing riders have told us is that there's a lack of opportunities to get out and ride as a group. Two thirds of cyclists ride alone as they’ve no means of finding other cyclists to ride with. This prompted us to think about how we could fill this gap in the cycling experience.

Social Cycling Groups is a new programme that encourages people to get together, find a place to ride and enjoy a bike ride at a level and time that suits you. It provides the ideal opportunity to take control of your cycling, discover new chances to ride and get the most out of your bike.

Using you can:

  • Join as many Social Cycling Group rides as you like – for free
  • Create your own Social Cycling Groups profile
  • Find and 'buddy up' with similar cyclists in your area
  • Use tried and tested British Cycling routes
  • Create groups of your own
  • Plan new and exciting routes.

We love cycling. We love riding together. Join the social cycling revolution. Find a ride.