Ride, eat cake and have a laugh along the way

Social Cycling Groups Manchester TPM

Is this the perfect mantra for a good bike ride? Many riders would agree, a good bike ride and a sweet treat waiting for you at the end make for a fun filled cycling experience.

Over 500 social ride groups are now using British Cycling’s social network – Social Cycling Groups, so we thought it was time to catch up with one group that embraces cycling for fun. Meet ‘Team Potty Mouth’, a social cycling group from Manchester. With 67 riders 'TPM' is one of the largest groups using the network to arrange social bike rides.

With regular rides such as ‘Ecky Thump’ and ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Bikes’, this group definitely enjoy injecting some fun into their riding. We spoke with founder Joy Lummis and asked her which ride has been her favourite so far. ‘The Silly Santa ride we did last Christmas is by far my favourite. A group of us rode around Manchester dressed as Santa Claus and reindeer. The atmosphere was fantastic and everyone who saw us was in fits of laughter.’

Santa Social Cycling Groups ride Manchester

Sam, a regular rider with TPM told us: ‘There are so many things I like about riding with this group. I really love the way everyone is made welcome.’ Greg said: ‘You can’t beat great company, fantastic scenery and a sense of achievement at the end.’  

It’s easy to see that Team Potty Mouth have found the perfect balance of fun, cycling and, er, dressing up to make their social cycling group a real success. So what’s next for the Manchester riders?

‘Our next ride is a 1940s themed trip to the East Lancashire Railway on Saturday 25 May. The bank holiday is a great excuse to dress up! Then later in the summer we’re doing the Great Manchester Cycle,’ said Joy. If you live in Manchester and want to join Team Potty Mouth this weekend click here.

With hundreds of other social groups using British Cycling’s social network, why not register for Social Cycling Groups and find some great rides near you this year?

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