Need to fix your bike or just want to know how?

Checking your tyre pressure

Are you interested in participating in Sky Ride Kent and the Sky Ride Local community bike rides but you don't have a bike or it is not working? If so, why not get involved in your local community bike workshop.

Community bike workshops will be bicycle recycling weekends aiming to get hundreds of bikes back in working order in time for the Sky Ride Local community bike rides in Kent. The workshops provide skills training, bike servicing and a source of affordable bicycles in the local community.

The Saturday Recycling Workshop is aimed at adults keen to help out and learn a bit about cycle mechanics. Everyone is invited to Sky Ride Kent on Sunday – let’s get as many bikes ready for the Sky Ride community rides as possible.

The days will run as follows:

9.30 onwards - Bicycle donation drop off throughout the day
10.00-14.00 - Volunteer workshop
14.00-16.00 - Mechanics complete work and safety check bikes

10.00-16.00 - Free bike checks, recycled bike sales and local cycling information

The bike workshops will be taking place in the following locations on the following dates:
Gravesend - 19 and 20 May
Maidstone - 16 and 17 June
Swanley - 30 June and 1July
Sheerness - 11 and 12 August.

For more details contact on or call 0845 824 7800.