Make social networking for cyclists work for you

Social cycling

We’re thrilled that over 13,000 people are now using the UK’s biggest social network for cyclists – Social Cycling Groups. For some people, getting online, creating your profile and chatting to new people is a doddle, but that’s not the case for everyone.

If you’re struggling to arrange a ride, or wondering how to chat to your online cycling buddies, don’t worry. We’ve got five top tips to help you get over some of these sticking points:

1. ‘Only a few people come to my rides and I’d like bigger numbers’
You can invite anyone you’re buddies with to join you on a ride. Simply search with your postcode in the ‘buddies’ tab and add local riders who might want to join you. Also make sure you describe the ride clearly and fill in your profile.

2. ‘My past rides are bunched up at the top of my ride diary’
You need to archive these rides. It’s easy to do, just fill in how many people attended the ride and give it a star rating from one to five, by hovering your cursor over the stars. Then click ‘rate’ when you’re finished.

3. ‘My buddy requests haven’t been accepted’
People are more likely to accept a buddy request from someone with a profile photo and ride preferences. So it's a good idea to add these details to the ‘profile’ tab on your dashboard.

4. ‘I want to talk to my buddies online but don’t know how’
There’s a ‘conversation’ tab in every ride and group you join. Here you can post messages to other riders and check back regularly for replies.

5. ‘I’ve created a group but no-one’s joined it’
Just like rides, you can invite anyone to join your group if you’re already buddies with them. Also don’t forget to tell people about your rides and encourage them to get involved and join Social Cycling Groups.

Now you can take your social networking skills to the next level!

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