Local Cycling Hero: Naz Ali

Local Cycling Heroes

Winner in the Yorkshire and North East region:  Naz Ali from Bradford

Youth Worker Naz has made cycling an integral part of his work with young people and local communities. Passionate about helping under-represented groups get involved, Naz has built up a hub of over fifty bikes – including tandems and adapted cycles – to persuade people who don’t have wheels of their own to have a go at riding. He organises trips for young people in the UK and abroad new to cycling, encouraging them to use it as a way to broaden their horizons.

‘Naz often works from dawn until dusk moving bikes around the district, supporting ride leaders and promoting the benefits of getting involved in cycling.’

Naz is nominated by British Cycling Recreation Manager, Dan Goodey, who works closely with Naz to promote cycling in Bradford. Dan has been inspired by the depths Naz goes to in addition to his full time work: ‘He’s successfully introduced cycling to people that would otherwise have been very unlikely to get involved – BME community groups, women and girls, young people with disabilities, or behavioural issues, or from less privileged backgrounds. What’s more he’s actually challenged these groups to use cycling to change the way people perceive them.’

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