It's all in the detail for these fantastic cycling photographers

We're thrilled to introduce our next set of winners in our British Cycling photography competition. The theme this time was ‘It’s all in the detail’, and all three photos portrayed an intriguing detail of cycling.

Duncan Palmer cycling photography

Duncan Palmer scooped third place for his detailed photo of the clean-up job after a muddy bike ride (above). The photo was taken at the 2012 edition of Muddy Hell – Rollapaluza’s annual Halloween night-time cyclocross event. Duncan stumbled across a group of riders cleaning their bikes and the lighting was perfect for this monochrome shot. Duncan has won a fantastic Rouleur Annual Volume 5, full of inspiring cycling photographs from around the world.

Janice Fairhurst cycling photography

In second place was Janice Fairhurst with a brilliant silhouette image (above) that highlights some intriguing details of these young BMX riders. Photography enthusiast Janice visited Gallager Park BMX Track, Northumberland and spotted this great photo opportunity, just as the sun was going down. Janice has bagged herself a limited edition Il Soigneur musette, a great cycling prize for a great cycling photo.

Amy Johnson cycling photography

Finally, to reveal our third photography competition winner for the ‘it’s all in the detail’ theme – congratulations go to Amy Johnson. Amy’s brilliantly detailed photo (above) shows the bad luck cycling can sometimes bring. She took the photo during a canal bike ride in West Berkshire, when her partner’s mountain bike got a flat tyre. Amy recalls the moment, saying ‘every time I see that photo it reminds me of how we sat on the bank of the canal, trying to decide who would push the bike home. Thankfully my partner drew the short straw.’ For her fantastic picture Amy has won a Vulpine merino wool cycling jersey – congratulations from everyone at British Cycling.

Congratulations to Amy, Janice and Duncan from everyone at British Cycling!