How to get to Sky Ride Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes - British Cycling Sky Ride

We've compiled some handy information to help you get to Sky Ride Milton Keynes on Sunday 26 August.

For more information visit Milton Keynes Council.


If you just want to cycle to the event on your own you can join the route at any point. The Redway network intersects with the Sky Ride route at various points. Look at Cycling in Milton Keynes for more detailed information on cycle routes.


For non-cycling visitors, Birmingham and surrounding areas are well served by bus routes throughout the day. Buses stop at MK Central railway station and at Midsummer Boulevard, take a look at Milton Keynes Council for more detailed route and timing information.  


If you are planning on driving to the event the easiest to access to parking will be East of Saxon Gate. Visit Milton Keynes Council for a detailed map of local car parks.


The nearest railway station is Milton Keynes Central, which is a 10-12 minute work from the main activity areas.