Drivers and cyclists agree 'let's look out for each other'

Think Cyclist campaign

A new poll for the Department for Transport’s THINK! campaign has found that 25% of UK adults are noticing more cyclists on the road after our cycling summer of success. With the ‘Wiggins Effect’ putting more people on the road, staying safe is a priority.

A new THINK! campaign – ‘THINK CYCLIST’ – calls on drivers and cyclists to stay safe this autumn by looking out for each other – and pointing out that drivers and cyclists have more in common than is often realised. With 80% of cyclists holding a driving licence, and 1 in 5 drivers cycling at least once a month, they’re often the same people.

British Cycling has been part of the campaign's consultation group, and the announcement chimes with what our members want. As the national governing body for cycling, we've been campaigning to nurture mutual respect between cyclists and motorists so that all road users have a good experience.

THINK CYCLIST is calling on drivers and cyclists to:

  • Look out for each other, especially when turning
  • Signal intentions so that the other road user can react
  • Give cyclists space and remember that cyclists are advised to ride well clear of the kerb to be visible and avoid collisions.

Find out more about the campaign.