Cycle commute in confidence in London

Cycling safely in a group

Hundreds of Londoners commute by bike because it's fast, easy and cheap. If you live in the capital and are hesitating about which route to use, or the busy traffic, why not join us on one of our new Sky Ride Local commuter rides?

Throughout September we're hosting a series of special rides across the capital to enable people to see how easy it is to commute by bike in London. Taking place on Saturday mornings in various locations across London, these free organised rides are a great chance to try out a typical commuter route into the heart of the city.

Like all our Sky Ride Local rides, they're led by trained British Cycling Ride Leaders. They'll be on hand to give tips and advice on how to ride in busy traffic, and also explain how to plan an effective commuter route and find quieter roads to travel on. The aim is to give people the chance to try riding a commuter route and build their confidence before cycling to work themselves. The rides are also an opportunity to meet other like-minded people and possibly find a bike buddy to commute with.

Rides are taking place along the following routes:

Victoria Park to Tower Bridge29 September

Ladywell to London Bridge: 29 September

Finsbury Park to Bloomsbury Square: 29 September

In case you need some extra inspiration, here are our top six reasons to try commuting by bike:

  1. It’s healthy – a middle-aged cyclist is typically as fit as someone ten years younger
  2. It’s cheap – it will save you money from petrol, public transport and gym membership
  3. It’s faster – on your bike you can be twice as fast as in a car, no more wondering if the tube will be delayed
  4. It’s easy – you don’t have to be an athlete, or have specialist skills and equipment
  5. It’s environmentally-friendly – cycling reduces CO2 emissions
  6. It’s good for the economy – cyclist contribute £233 each to the economy.