Celebrating women cycling pioneers

Women cycling pioneers 

This month British Cycling’s Breeze network is celebrating ‘Radical Women’ and how the humble bicycle has changed women’s lives.

Natalie Justice, Breeze Manager, British Cycling says: "From the Suffragettes to changes in female fashion, the bicycle has helped shape history. It’s an exciting time to be involved in cycling, especially in helping more women to take part. We owe the pioneers of women’s cycling a great debt. These women campaigned for the right to ride bikes, to wear trousers, to go on cycling holidays and to compete in road and track races."

The Breeze network is inviting members, clubs and cyclists everywhere to share their stories of pioneering women who took to their bikes and made a difference.

Natalie Justice adds: "Many families can tell their story of a pioneer for women’s cycling – a free spirited aunt or grandmother who broke convention and rode to work or even competed. We'd love to hear your stories. Bicycles helped change women’s lives, and for years women have also been changing cycling in their own way. And there are still cycling pioneers like the hundreds of amazing Breeze champions who are volunteering to help other women get into riding bikes."

The Breeze network is one of the ways that British Cycling is closing the cycling gap between men and women which currently sees three times more men than women riding bikes for fun.

As part of the month of ‘radical women’ the Breeze network is supporting the Cycles and Suffragettes event in Leicester on 5th November. This special cycling event is a celebration of the legacy of prominent suffragette Alice Hawkins, who took to her bike to campaign for women’s rights and rode for miles around Leicestershire to spread the word.

Stories, memories and images of everyday radical and pioneering women are invited throughout November and will be shared on breezebikerides.com. You can post your stories and pictures on the Breeze network Facebook page or email Breeze@britishcycling.org.uk with your stories.