British Cycling and Cycling Projects: sharing the love of cycling

Cycling Projects

British Cycling's relationship with accessible cycling charity Cycling Projects is going from strength to strength.

Cycling Projects are dedicated to accessible and inclusive cycling. They've helped us to ensure that as many of our Sky Ride Local rides as possible are fully accessible by anyone with an impairment or disability, so that able-bodied and disabled people can ride together. And working together we've developed a model for inclusive cycle clubs, and recreational programmes.

Cycling Projects has expertise in cycling-related training, cycle for health schemes, working with excluded groups and bringing cycling to disabled people. The team have joined in many of our Sky Ride city events, bringing their experience and a range of bikes, and supporting families and new riders.

Stewart Kellett, Director of Recreation and Partnerships at British Cycling said: ‘British Cycling shares Cycling Projects’ vision to ensure that cycling is accessible to all. In particular we're keen to learn from their experience of increasing recreational cycling opportunities for people with disabilities or differing needs. As we aim to get 1 million more people onto a bike it’s hugely important that everyone who'd like to get involved in cycling has the opportunity to do so.’

Ian Tierney, Director, Cycling Projects said: ‘Cycling Projects is proud to work with British Cycling as the national governing body for cycling as it inspires the nation to get involved in cycling at all levels. We're delighted to share our experience with British Cycling and its partners. Working together Cycling Projects and British Cycling can inform the debate on inclusive cycling, and help clubs, councils and facilities learn from our practical experience.’