Getting together to get behind cycling

Team Sky at Dauphine

When our cycling heroes hit the saddle, it isn’t just be the surroundings that seem familiar. The coaches and support staff are the same people they’ve worked with throughout their careers. And the riders on their team are the same ones they’ve trained and raced with nearly every day.

It’s all thanks to a ground breaking partnership between Sky and British Cycling.

In 2008, Sky sponsored the GB track team and in 2009 a road team that means our top talent has the best training and racing week in, week out. From winter to summer. From track to road. From raw potential to the roar of the podium. Best of all, riders are able to switch between the Sky teams and the Great Britain Cycling team seamlessly.

So as they dig in, and as time runs out, they'll have hundreds of small advantages on the competition.  And at this level, these are the things that turn milliseconds into medals and into moments we’ll remember for a lifetime.