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From Breeze to Cuba

Jane Davies.

When Sara Braidwood, a Breeze champion in Wirral told us about an inspirational lady on her rides, we wanted to find out more.

Jane Davies, 52 from Bebington, Wirral has been involved with the Breeze network for over four months and now wants to cycle 400km around Cuba!  

Jane decided to join her first Breeze bike ride after 35 years of not cycling and it was clear that Jane likes a challenge!  After finding Breeze on the internet, she registered for one of Sara’s rides.  Before the ride, Jane attended a Bike Right cycle training session in Liverpool which she found very useful and intends to go on further ones in the future.

We asked Jane what her motivations were to join a Breeze ride and she explains;

‘ There were lots of reasons why I joined Breeze including to improve my cycling ability, meet new people and to get fit and stay fit as I have lost 25lbs with Slimming World since the New Year and I want to keep it off!

I also want to give myself a challenge and have signed up to ride 400km around Cuba over five days for the Women V Cancer charity in October 2013.  I know of at least five family members or friends who have had or who are still battling breast cancer. I am sure you will all know someone who has or has had one of these diseases and the devastating effects it has on all concerned’.

Jane will be holding various events and fundraising opportunities over the next 12 months.  If you’re inspired by Jane and would like to donate to Jane’s fundraising page, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/Jane-Davies6.