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Sarah Bayaidah

Holly Seear

East Midlands

Michelle Meikle     

Rebecca Stephen  

Ebony Chesterman

Angela Singleton

West Midlands

Elizabeth-Anne Williams    

Stephanie Walker

Rosina McGuigan

Elaine Slatter


Shirley Crossley    

Angela Fernyhough-Blackwood

Anna Green

Tracey Hodgson   

Michelle Meikle

Angela Walker

Caroline Alliott

Julie Stone

Kathy March

North West

Yvonne Ashcroft

Christine Barker

Liz Drysdale

Sandra Green

Kirsti Grayson

Janet Gregory

Christine Harrison 

Joy Lummis

Amanda Phillipson

Wendy Whitby

North East

Vicky Crowe


Derese Meade

Claire Townsend   

Sue Sowden

South East

Helen Kellar

Adrienne Horne

Victoria Pope

Kary Greer


Di Newnham

Dilys Gartside

South West

Annette Millar

Wendy Creed

Michele Radant

Sandi Holland