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Cycling with style

Breeze guest blog is from Lady Velo 

Want to ride your bike more but not keen on changing your clothes every time you get back in the saddle? In our latest Breeze Guest Blog, Jools Walker reminds us there's no reason you can't cycle just as fashionably as you live...

It’s been two years since I took up cycling again. Before that, the last time I was on a bike was about twelve years ago: I would have been 18 years old and as carefree as a teenage girl could be! It was so important to me not to lose that feeling of freedom when I decided to start riding again, which included being able to wear whatever I wanted on two wheels.

In those cycle-free years, my love of fashion had blossomed into a full-blown affair, so I knew I wanted a bike that would reflect my style and personality… and the idea of having to dress differently while out riding it wasn’t something that crossed my mind. The bike I went for was a Pashley Princess. I adore classic bikes and for me a Pashley was ‘the one’. It’s my pride and joy and a total pleasure to cycle around London on, especially with her big wicker basket and ding-dong bell!

I’ve never felt that riding on a regular basis means having to sacrifice your everyday style (which is what inspired me to start my blog Velo-City-Girl,) so the day I went to collect my bike, I dressed as I normally would, cycled back to East London with ease in my outfit – and have never looked back.

Fashion and cycling can go hand in hand – my style remains the same, on and off the saddle. There doesn’t have to be a wardrobe difference, or pressure to feel like you must get out of your everyday clothing and into 'cycling gear' when you’re out for a ride. Since launching Velo-City-Girl, I’ve discovered there are many other women out there who think the same way about fashion on two wheels (including designers who are dedicated to cycling fashion), so if you’re thinking the same thing, you’re not alone!

To this day it never ceases to amaze me how riding a bicycle can influence your wardrobe. Style-wise, it's made me even more determined to remain chic and keep on mixing up my wardrobe, especially if it inspires other female cyclists out there to get on their bikes and do the same! So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of doing it, believe me when I say you can… you won’t regret it.

Jools Walker 

Jools Walker (also known as Lady Vélo) lives in East London, and has been running the Velo-City-Girl blog since March 2010. 'It’s a mixture of my two loves: cycling and fashion. Vélo-City-Girl covers these elements, along with other adventures on my Pashley, and my fashion advice for girls who want to cycle in style…'