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Breeze's top tips: riding to work

Cycling to work

More people are opting to get to work on two wheels than ever before. We asked British Cycling’s knowledgeable Breeze community what they love most about riding to work on their bikes and any helpful tips on freshening up. Here’s a list of our favourites...

Cycling to work1. Clear your head

‘If I’ve had a really long day at work, with loads of meetings, and I’m feeling pretty uninspired and lacking in energy, once I get on the bike that all disappears. By the time I get home I’m wide awake and ready to go again.’
Emma Bates


Cycling to work2. Thinking ahead
‘I drive into work on a Monday morning with a weeks’ worth of clean clothes and leave them in my cupboard for the rest of the week while I cycle in. Dry shampoo for sweaty helmet hair, baby wipes, moisturiser and deodorant are a must have, too. I have a microfibre flannel and towel, as they dry super-quick. I’d take home daily any dirty clothes.’
Mandy Buxton


Dry shampoo3.  A head of clean hair
‘Me and the girls have been inseparable from our Batiste Dry Shampoo.’
Anna Glowinski



Electric bike4. I want to ride my e-bicycle

‘My top tip to freshen up at work is to ride an electric bike! I have an eight mile commute in and I just take off my helmet and reflective gear and I’m fresh as a daisy and ready to go.’
Phylly Alexander


Cycling to work5. Take control
‘You don’t have to worry about finding change for the bus. I don’t have to worry about the variants of getting stuck in too much traffic, or if the trains are delayed. I’m in charge of my own destiny on my way into work, so I can – within a five or ten minute bracket – predict what time I’m going to arrive in the office.’ 
Hannah Rosborough


riding to work6. Take it easy
‘Leave plenty of time so you don’t have to ride at full gas on the way in. Take the last five minutes for your commute super-easy to cool down and then spend a bit of time outside your work. Wearing slightly less than you might otherwise on the bike helps in autumn, start chilly then warm up on the way (not one for rain or winter though).’
Kim Clark


Cycling to work panniers7. Panniers all the way
‘Panniers are great in autumn and winter. Shoes, make-up, micro-towel, face wash, lavender soap and deodorant live at work. You can have a very good wash in a sink. I’m on my bike for 7.03am so packing the night before is very important.’
Carolyn Cornthwaite


Cycling to work microfibre towel8. Towelling around
‘I’m lucky enough to have shower facilities and a locker at work. The only thing I lack is somewhere to dry my towel, so I use a smallish clean one every day and take it home to wash with a dirty top every day. I keep a suit at work and drive when I need to stock up on clean / ironed tops.’
Susan Feltham


Cycling to work9. Legs akimbo as we freewheel downhill
‘Ensure your journey to work is all downhill… you’ll get there much quicker! I was lucky mine was!’
Ronnie Coulshed



Riding to work10. Take in the sights
‘I love being able to look at the sights, and arriving at work with a glowing face and a feeling of achievement.’
Sarah Graham


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