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Bouncing back into cycling after a nasty fall

preston cycling for women

Preston’s Breeze Network is thriving and it’s lovely to hear how our Breeze bike rides give our ladies so much confidence!

After a nasty fall on her bike, Bernie’s confidence took a nosedive. Bernadette (in the white jumper) was side lined for a number of weeks and even said that she couldn’t see herself getting back on her bike.  However, with the support of Breeze champion Selina Whitty, Preston’s Cycling Officer Yvonne Ashcroft and of course the ladies from her local Breeze group, Bernie was persuaded to give cycling another go. 

Now another go for anyone else would be a gentle pedal around the park, but not for our Bernadette. Getting back on her bike for the first time by completing the 21-mile Guild Wheel bike ride in five hours is a mean-feat in itself.

We’re thrilled to hear that on that day, 19 ladies also completed the full circuit as part of a Breeze day out. We love that Breeze has provided the support and friendship that women need to get back on a bike. Girl power, indeed!  

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