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Cycling while pregnant: everything you need to know

Cycling while pregnant is a safe way to exercise and backed by the NHS. First or second trimester? Twins? Get tips and advice here...

Sportives - 10 events to ride in 2016

Looking to take on a sportive in 2016? Here are ten of the best events taking place this year.

The benefits of yoga and cycling

Much like the love affair between cycling and coffee, cycling and yoga are another one of life’s perfect matches

Learn to love lycra

Take a look at our top cycling clothing selections that combine comfort with perfomance and affordability. 

Our guide to clipless pedals

Don’t be afraid. We’ll walk you through the steps to have you riding clipless in no time.

How to pump up your bicycle tyres

The valves, the tyre pressures, the techniques... all you need to know to get pumped!

Four things to love about the cycling cafe stop

Celebrating what makes the cycling café brilliant!

Five easy ways to do retro cycle chic

Our tips for how to do the vintage look without overdoing it.